Class Descriptions

Hot Vinyasa

This flow yoga class is practiced in a heated room combining breath with movement. These energizing sequences help to build strength, flexibility, and endurance. This sweaty class will leave you feeling challenged, refreshed, and inspired!

Vinyasa (NOT HOT)

This dynamic practice linking breath with movement can flow at a rapid pace—or it can be really slow. This flow yoga class is practiced in room temperature. Great for those who love Vinyasa but prefer not to practice in the heat.

Yoga Flow (warm not hot)

Yoga Flow keeps you moving to build internal heat. This class will help develop strength, flexibility and skill level and leave you feeling energized and de-stressed. Beginner friendly!

Gentle Yoga (not heated)

Gentle Flow Yoga is a softer approach to our other yoga classes. While the poses still flow together, it will move at a slower pace and be gentler in practice. The focus will be on basic movements, stress relief, and relaxation.

Hatha Yoga (not heated)

Hatha yoga focuses on posture and breathing techniques, traditionally to channel vital energy source. The class will consist of centering, warm-ups, a series of postures, pranayama (breath work) and meditation.

Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates is a series of exercises designed to strengthen the core muscles of the pelvis, abdomen and back to improve balance, strength and flexibility.

HIIT and Flow

This class is a fun blend of interval training, core work, and yoga asana designed to get you moving and sweating while leaving plenty of time to stretch, cool down, and become still. Research has shown that both of these types of physical practices help to strengthen muscles, boost metabolism, improve heart health as well as build defenses against stress, fatigue, and illness. Class will begin with breath exercises and warm-ups followed by 15-30 minutes of intervals and core work. It will end with a relaxing yoga practice to leave you feeling calm and empowered.

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a gentle practice using a chair to make postures accessible seated and/or standing. This practice is for anyone looking to improve posture, increase flexibility, and improve balance while avoiding injury.


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Circuit Training

A 45-minute class that is set up in stations where each participant rotates through various exercises targeting different parts of the body. Some stations may have weights, bands, kettle bell, or a Pilates ball. The class is designed to incorporate cardio, strength and balance.


Barre class is a fun blend of ballet, yoga, and Pilates. It is designed to strengthen your body, develop agility, and flexibility. This full-body muscle endurance workout is typically designed to focus on different sections of the body including arms, legs, glutes and core. The small targeted movements with high repetitions of light weight or resistance will leave the muscles feeling fatigued. Experience the burn!

Friday Fusion

This class is a mix of Barre, Pilates and Yoga. This style has a deep focus on the core and emphasizes moves that will tone, stretch, elongate muscles as well as optimal alignment of the joints and improved balance. This is a non-heated class.