Private Sessions with Shannon

Yoga is for EVERY and ANY body! Each session is designed with you and your intentions in mind. Whether you are interested in adaptive yoga, chair yoga, or a powerful yoga flow, your practice will be tailored to fit your needs.

Pilates was created with the intention to rehab the body. Always engaging the core, Pilates is great for strengthening, lengthening and flexibility.

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“Extraordinary studio that produces astonishing results. Shannon is an exemplary instructor. Simply an amazing place that achieves remarkable results- a real asset in my fitness journey.”

-Frank K, Wilmington, DE

“Shannon was recommended to me by my chiropractor, who thought that yoga would help my back and balance issues. Shannon came to my house several times. She taught me how to do the various yoga positions that were appropriate for my condition. She is a wonderful and patient teacher. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to give yoga a try.”

-Rosemary B, Wilmington, DE

“My children were asking what I wanted for my 80th birthday. I didn’t want a party or any more stuff. What I needed most at that stage of my life was to become more physically fit.  They gave me private sessions with Shannon who worked with me on yoga and pilates positions. We worked to strengthen my core and after these sessions I felt more confident to join group classes. Shannon started me on a path to a stronger, healthier me.”

-Eleanor M, Boothwyn, PA