Special Events

sound healing with ray & rebecca

Friday, Oct 7th 6:30pm-8:00pm

Cost $40

Must register by Oct 5th

Sound healing is an ancient healing practice that uses different vibrations to heal the mind body and spirit. Sound has been used in many cultures dating back for thousands of years. Through these practices it has been known in history to alleviate a multitude of ailments including but not limited to depression, anxiety ,traumas, high stress levels, and physical diseases etc. Through the higher vibrations reached with the use of sound techniques stuck energy within your energetic body is released creating balance throughout the chakras allowing one to feel more present and self-aware.

Join Ray and Rebecca for an evening of inner dimensional healing through a symphony of vibrations and frequencies. Their mission is to take you on a journey of transformation and transcendence. Come for an evening of letting go and connecting to your higher self and remembering your inner beauty. 


Navigating Seasonal Change Through an Ayurvedic Lens with Nicole domenic

Saturday Oct. 22th 1:00pm-3:00pm

Cost $30 ($25 early bird price till 10/1)


Summer has ended and in blow the winds of change.  All around, Mother Nature is hard at work as if she were painting the trees in beautiful shades of color.  Days become shorter and nights become longer and cooler. We watch in wonder as the leaves begin to fall, one by one, as if they were dancing in the crisp autumn air.  Winter is coming…………yes, a cheesy Game of Thrones reference.

Ayurveda understands this time as a transitional period not only outside in the macrocosm, but in us, the microcosm as well.  We may begin to crave scarves, hats, hot tea, and soups.  Indoor activities replace the long hot nights outside.  Even our food choices may begin to shift as we may choose some warm cooked root veggies and stew where we once reached for a nice cooling salad.  This is not a coincidence and is not happening by accident.  The macrocosm and microcosm are one in the same, and if we listen deeply to our innate senses, we can tune in to that healer and guidance within.

Join Nicole for this interactive retreat of sorts as we discuss this ancient science of health.  We will be moving, breathing, sipping tea, and finding ways to implement Ayurveda into our lives.  During our time together we will discuss:

~ Seasonal diet and lifestyle changes

~ Daily routine and why it is so important.

~ Ways to reduce the build up of Ama (toxins) in the body while replenishing our Ojas (vitality and immunity) and strengthening Agni (digestion/metabolism) to help keep those pesky winter illnesses at bay.

~ Cleansing/detoxing, what Ayurveda has to say about it, and how we can do it without any extreme fasting or exercises.

In this workshop we will also:

~ Work on grounding pranayama and yoga postures

~ Perform a wonderful abhyanga (self massage) on our hands and feet

~ Enjoy some yummy ayurvedic tea